Siouxland Sleep-Out 2011
Mike Wood – 1945-2023

Note: If you’re donating in memory of Mike Wood, THANK YOU, and please let us know.

Probably the easiest way to donate is to click the happy little “Donate” button below… It’s as easy as that!

Another easy way to donate is to simply send a check (payable to Siouxland Sleep Out) to P.O. Box 5216, Sioux City, IA 51102-5216. If you’re supporting someone who’s sleeping out in the park be sure to mention their name when you send the check in.

Or you can simply talk to someone involved in the program, someone who’s taking pledges and sleeping out, or one of the teams and give them your pledge. (We can even bill you later if you want.)

We’re still kinda working on other ways for folks to donate online. It’s trickier than you’d think! But we’ll get it figured out sooner or later…

Your donation is to a 501c3 public charity.