A silent auction will be held during the Siouxland Sleep Out on Friday, November 6, 2020 starting at 5 p.m.

The rules for the Auction are:

  1. OPENING BIDS – The silent auction will begin promptly at 5 p.m. and bidding will close no later than 9 p.m. the evening of November 6th at the park.
  2. PROCEDURE – Items for the silent auction have bid sheets attached or affixed nearby. Bidders must write their name, phone number and bid amounts in dollars on the first available line of the bid sheet. Each new bid must exceed the minimum amount on the bid sheet or last bid stated on the bid sheet to qualify as a valid bid. No bid sheet may be removed from the Silent Auction table.
  3. VALUE – Values set on goods and services are donor estimates and are not warranted for tax purposes or general value.
  4. EXPIRATION – All goods and services must be used within the time period restricted by donor on certificate.
  5. RESTRICTIONS – All items are sold “AS IS.” Products and/or services may have restrictions or qualifications which may affect value, application of use thereof to the bidder. Purchasers are bound by restrictions specified by donor. Terms are not negotiable. Please read specifications and limitations carefully before purchase.
  6. WINNING BIDS – The closing bid circled by an auction official after the table closes constitutes the winning bid. In the event of a dispute, the auction official shall act as the final authority and shall determine the winning bidder. This decision is final. Auction officials solely retain the right to disqualify and/or nullify a bid.
  7. PAYMENT – Payment by winning bidder will be accepted only at the close of the Auction. Cash and local check will be accepted for all purchases. Auctioneer will announce opening of Cashers’ Desk following the close of bidding at 9 p.m. on Nov 1st. All items must be paid IN FULL auction day.
  8. TAKING YOUR ITEMS – Winners will be called immediately after the event. Arrangements must be made for winners to pick up their basket as soon as possible.
  9. ALL SALES FINAL – Goods and Services purchased at auction may not be exchanged, altered or returned for refund to the Siouxland Sleep Out or donor. The Auction Committee reserves the right to establish and maintain minimum bids.