Way back in 2005, a bunch of hearty individuals grouped together to go sleep out in the park. In late November. In Iowa. Yes, it was cold. Very, very cold. Why would they do such a silly thing?

Why, oh why?

Simple. They wanted to raise money for the homeless in Siouxland, and this was the most in-tents method they could think of.

The Siouxland Sleep-Out started then, when a few hearty souls braved the freezing weather to earn nearly $20,000 in pledges, which went (of course) directly to programs to help the homeless.

Surprisingly enough, two musicians brought their guitars out into the cold, entertaining the frigid folk gathered around the fire pits. It was decided that more fire pits were needed. And hot chocolate.

2007 Siouxland Sleep-Out
Siouxland Sleep-Out 2007

The Siouxland Sleep-Out has been going strong ever since. They’ve moved the date up so the event is a bit early in November now, added a Silent Auction, had a photo booth once or twice, and have in general plugged away, trying to make Siouxland a happier place. Yay!