Informing the community is the primary responsibility of the Siouxland Sleep Out. Many other Iowa cities are following our example; we estimate 1,500 volunteers will spend 25,000 hours raising awareness this year. Funds raised here have been used to provide housing and recovery programs within Sioux City. Some of these programs we’ve supported are Shesler Hall, Safe Place, Community Action Agency of Siouxland, and Gospel Mission:

Shesler Hall
Shesler Hall

Shesler Hall allows previously homeless women the opportunity to live independently in a supportive, homey living environment. Life skills training give residents a chance to contribute and prepare for living on their own. Caring staff offers personal support for individual concerns. The facility has been around for over 100 years and is a haven for women with special needs. There is room for 22 residents. Emergency space is available for women who would otherwise have no place to stay.

Shesler Hall promotes a program enhancing the whole person, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Staff is provided 24 hours a day.

Women are accepted into the residence on the basis of need. Many arrangements are made for the special needs of its residents through other community agencies.

Fees collected from the residents fall WAY short of operating costs. Proceeds from the Sleep Out are a big help.

Welcome Home Program
Welcome Home

The Welcome Home Program is an innovative initiative that combines transitional housing and outreach services to house homeless families in Siouxland and help them obtain permanent housing. Its mission is to give families a safe, furnished place to live, clothing and food; and most importantly a chance to work one-on-one with a family development specialist so they can obtain permanent housing and self-sufficiency. A goal of this program is to address any barriers families may have that contributed to their homelessness. Families that are homeless often have many barriers including: mental health, substance abuse issues, disabilities, transportation, and lack of knowledge about available services. The Family Specialist will help identify and overcome those barriers by forging a relationship with the family and providing intensive support. This program has a high rate of success of helping families move into permanent housing within 90 days. Since the program began, more than 825 individuals have been helped.


SafePlace (formerly CSADV) is a private, non profit agency that is dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and homicide become empowered in their quest for dignity and self-respect. The purpose of SafePlace’s program is to provide a central agency where victims can receive assistance, reassurance, support, and a sense of stability.

The Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence provides support, advocacy, and a safe environment to empower adults and children who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault and Homicide. Through leadership and education, SafePlace works collaboratively with the community to promote social change and to end violence.

SafePlace began with a simple mission: help women escape violent situations. We have for years been aiding women, and men, too, escape abusive homes and relationships, find refuge and set goals to establish a life free of abuse and fear.

As an organization, we are a private, non-profit agency. We are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing necessary housing, food and clothing in a location where you can receive financial and counseling help, security, and a sense of stability for you and your children.

We know that it is not easy, and we know you will need a helping hand, and we are prepared to fully help you with all your needs.

Our facility in Sioux City has 12 rooms with access to many more, 20 advocates, a large kitchen, children’s play room and living room, as well as a clothing and products room full of the generous donations from the community. We have an additional building used for our outreach program to provide counseling and other services. The administrative offices are housed here as well.

If you have questions or need help call 1-800-982-7233. All information is confidential and services are free of charge.