Friday, November 6, 2020

That’s when we get together to freeze our collective tuckuses off this year. We do it every year. Did you know that there were around 250 or 300 homeless people in Siouxland on any given day last year? There are entire families living on the streets. Women, children. It’s not a good situation. Another little-known fact is that slightly over 25% of Siouxland’s homeless are veterans, ranging from those who served in Vietnam to the Iraq/Afghanistan war. Realizing this, off to the park went the volunteers last November. They took pledges, packed up their tents (and cardboard boxes in a few cases) and away they went. It was such a success that they’re going to do it again in 2020! We’re gonna have an auction and a box contest, all sorts of stuff! If you want you can read all about us HERE.

We Even Have Entertainment!

Music • Hot Chocolate • Bonfires • Wheee!
Open Microphone

Open Microphone

Be a star

Bring your instrument and either your talent or your bravery and give the whole "I'm on stage" thing a whirl! Music, comedy, poetry, storytelling, whatever your gig is, feel free to let your freak flag fly!

What You Can Do

The problem of homelessness in the Sioux City area can feel overwhelming.
But there are ways you can help! Here are three ideas...


The easiest way for many people to help is to donate a few dollars, either through pledges or direct donations. Either way, it's fantastic!


Many people will be volunteering to spend a night at Cone Park this November 6th. Please join us, either in person or virtually!


The Siouxland Sleep-Out depends on corporate sponsors. Talk to your employer, see if they'll help alleviate homelessness here in Siouxland.

Siouxland Sleep-Out News

This is what we're up to, what's happening, what we're thinking...

We’re Virtual!

Stay safe during the pandemic - attend the Sleep Out from your own back yard! Take pledges, camp out wherever you like, and join our live stream!

Facts about Homelessness

On average there are 2,756 people homeless in Iowa on any given night, which is about 8.8 homeless folks per 10,000 people. In Woodbury and Dakota counties (Sioux City and South Sioux City) there are Read more…